Local Tours

Too Many Tours, Too Little Time!

We always recommend you spend your first full day at the resort down at our Club Rio Adventure Center which offers eight soft adventure experiences without leaving the property. Traveling to the Arenal area can leave you tired, so this way you don’t have to leave the property the next day and spend time in a bus for an off-site tour. You will also find that you might want to repeat some of the popular Club Rio tours and this allows for you to plan them into your future days. Also, many of our guests like to practice Rappelling on our Climbing Wall so that they are more prepared for the very popular, off-site Pure Trek Canyon Waterfall Rappel.

The Arenal area is not just famous for the magnificent views of the Volcano, but it is also known as the “Tour Capital” of the country. This relatively small region offers a tremendously diverse and unique collection of nature based, adventure tours. Whether it’s ultimate adrenaline you seek or communing quietly with nature there are many tours that offer both of those experiences or something in between. We emphasize that you should plan these off-site tours on your second and third day at the property. IMPORTANT NOTE- These off-site tours are not operated or owned by The Springs Resort and Spa.