Mineral Hot Springs, Pools & Waterfalls

Embedded in scenic patches of rainforest, our hot springs provide our guests with great views of the volcano and a multitude of options. With temperatures ranging from 83 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and environments that vary from raging waterfalls to tranquil forest experiences, our guests can find the perfect pool for their mood and the current weather conditions. Tests of our hot mineral springs reveal an ideal natural combination of high bicarbonate and high chlorides with relatively low sulfur content to provide a truly pleasurable soaking experience.

Las Lagunas Pools

Open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Located at the base of the reception building, this enchanting montage of hot spring lagoons and chlorinated pools hosts our ever popular Las Lagunas Swim-Up Bar where you can enjoy a delicious tropical drink and a great view of the Volcano. In this area you can explore two acres of lush landscaping and an assortment of multi-level sun and shade terraces surrounding twelve pools all with cascading waterfalls. Eight of the pools are fed directly by our hot mineral springs and the other four are chlorinated but heated to comfortable temperatures for those hot, sunny days. These pools range in temperature from 86˚F to 103˚F.

Perdido Springs

Open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Monkey Slide Open from 12:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Perdido Springs (Lost Springs) is an interconnected system of forest trails and seven spring-fed pools located within a forest canyon just a short 100-meter walk from the lowest level of the Las Lagunas pools. At the heart of these flowing pools you will find Los Perdidos Bar (The Lost Ones) and Rancho Perdidos Bar along with our thrilling water flume called the Monkey Slide. These pools range in temperature from 91˚F to 104˚F.

Club Rio Springs

Open from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

We highly recommend you visit the Hot Springs at Club Rio Adventure Center. They are truly some of the most beautiful spring pools in the world, and most of them border the river, allowing for amazingly scenic views of the flora and fauna of the river canyon. It is a spiritual event just walking through the towering rainforest by the river’s edge and finding flowing hot spring pools around every turn in the trail. You don’t want to miss the crystal blue water of our famous Ojo del Agua (Eye of the Water) spring where you can feel the hot mineral water and bicarbonate bubbles flowing through your toes from the depths of the earth beneath you.

About Our Hot Mineral Springs

Our Hot Mineral Water is captured from natural springs near the river and are pumped up 420 feet (130 meters) to our pools. Each night at closing the pools are drained, cleaned and refilled starting at 6:00 AM. During the hours of operation new hot water continually flows into the system. The water is also circulated through a filtration system in these pools to eliminate some of the precipitated minerals and foreign contaminants.

The therapeutic effects of various minerals have been extensively studied by European balneologists. To be classified as a mineral spring the water needs to contain greater than 1,000 mg/l (PPM) of naturally dissolved solids. Here at the Springs Resort and Spa our water contains over 1,500 mg/l (PPM) of dissolved solidsand has a PH averaging 6.4 so its mineral/chemical composition lends it a slightly acidic nature common to many of the world’s best hot springs. Below is a summary of the effects of each of the minerals found in our hot springs and a comparison with other local hot springs.

Benefits of Bicarbonates (HCO3)- – To qualify as a bicarbonate spring the water must contain at least 250 mg/l of bicarbonate gasses. Ours contains the highest level in the Arenal area (751 mg/l) which is nearly three times the threshold required. Balneologists generally agree that a high bicarbonate level is the most important component of medically therapeutic hot springs. Bicarbonates assist in opening peripheral blood vessels and improving circulation which aids against cardiovascular disease including hypertension and mild atherosclerosis. For these conditions balneologists recommend a water temperature no higher than 100˚F. Bicarbonate waters are also thought to have a positive effect on nervous system imbalances.

The Springs = 751 mg/l Baldi = 263 mg/l

Benefits of Sodium (NA+) Natural salts assist with the alleviation of arthritic symptoms, stimulate the body’s lymphatic system and also help to maintain body fluid balance.

The Springs = 327 mg/l Baldi = 244 mg/l

Benefits of Calcium (CA++) Calcium strengthens bones to prevent osteoporosis and helps to regulate bodily functions. It is essential to the function of many internal organs such as the heart.

The Springs = 95 mg/l Baldi = 106 mg/l

Benefits of Potassium (K+) This element assists in the normalization of heart rhythms, reduces high blood pressure, helps to eliminate body toxins and promotes healthy skin.

The Springs = 28 mg/l Baldi = 39 mg/l

Benefits of Boron (B) Boron builds muscle mass, increases brain activity and strengthens bones. In addition it is an ophthalmologic irrigant that aids in cleansing your eyes.

The Springs = 7.8 mg/l Baldi = 2.8 mg/l

Benefits of Magnesium (Mg++) Magnesium maintains normal heart rhythms, assists in reducing high blood pressure and aids in eliminating body toxins. It also converts blood sugar to energy and promotes healthy skin.

The Springs = 55 mg/l Baldi = 57 mg/l

Benefits of Iron (Fe) Iron builds up the quality of your blood, prevents stress and fatigue and improves skin tone. It also builds resistance to disease and aids in muscle function.

The Springs = 3.0 mg/l Baldi = ????

Benefits of Sulfur (S) Hot Springs rich in Sulfur are used to address a wide variety of conditions, including skin infections, respiratory problems, and skin inflammations

The Effect of Temperature on Mineral Water Therapy

More than the majority of European medical doctors who have conducted research into thermal water therapy agree that warm soaking in water 99˚F to 101˚F is more beneficial than higher temperatures. In the U.S. the FDA and most state health departments do not permit pool or Jacuzzi heaters to exceed 104˚ F because of potential health hazards associated with prolonged exposure to higher temperatures.
Scientific studies of thermal water therapy in Europe have found that warm water increases hydrostatic pressure in the body which leads to increased blood circulation and cell oxygenation as well as improving the performance of the body’s waste elimination systems which aids in detoxification. Metabolism is also stimulated which helps balance the digestive, endocrine and autonomic nervous systems.

Please do not use the hot springs if you have any of the following conditions.

Contraindications to Hot Water Natural Mineral Springs Therapy:

  • Conditions involving high fevers
  • Extreme Hypertension
  • Malignant tumors and cancerous conditions ( internal )
  • Liver, kidney, or circulation disorders
  • Conditions presenting the risk of hemorrhaging
  • Anemic Conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Congestive heart failure, recent stroke, or recent heart attack
  • Bathing under the influence of drugs or alcohol
The existence of these or other metabolic conditions does not necessarily mean that there would be no benefit derived from utilizing mineral waters. It does mean, however, that there is a risk associated that may out way any benefit to utilizing hot waters. In such situations, individuals should consult with a medical doctor before bathing, or consult with a European medical balneologist.
In any case, soaking in mineral waters should not be done at excessively high temperatures without medical clearance when any contraindicated condition exists. A tepid to warm bath ( 95° F – 99° ) is as safe as taking a bath at home.

Balneology is the scientific study of naturally occurring mineral waters and Balneotherapy is the practical study and application of the health benefits of these waters. The primary scientific research by medical balneologists concerning the therapeutic uses of hot mineral water was conducted in Europe and Japan. The FDA in the United States prohibits organizations from making unsubstantiated health claims concerning the medicinal value of natural mineral waters.

Our hot springs come from underground water that is heated by volcanic vents and forced upwards toward the surface passing through mineral deposits and gases which dissolve in the water. The minerals, salts and bicarbonates precipitate from a dissolved state as the water cools and it is exposed to oxygen in the air from our waterfalls. The volcanic activity along with the ambient temperature and rain play a large factor in how fast the minerals precipitate and you may see changes in water clarity from one hour to the next. If you want to soak in water with high levels of precipitated minerals you would choose the cloudier pools. The clearer pools still have minerals but they remain in a dissolved state.