Adults and children: $36 (Duration: 1h)

Departure time: 3:15 pm

This unique, behind the scenes, tour is something you will never forget. The agility, speed and ferocity of tropical wild felines is well documented on TV but to see, hear and feel it in real life is a completely new experience. Our licensed guides and animal care experts feed the animals in unique ways, and they explain how we inspire natural behaviors in our animals through our enrichment programs. In addition to the pumas, ocelots, and margay felines you will find toucans, sloths, monkeys, coatimundis, Kinkajous, paca agoutis, coyotes, crocodiles, caimans, turtles, parrots, wild turkeys, owls and more!!!

NOTE: This tour is not part of any promotional package at The Springs Resort Hotel