Price per Person: $55 (Duration: 2h)

Departure Times: 6am at The Springs Resort and Spa lobby

The Springs Resort is blessed to be embedded in a combination of primary and secondary, regenerating rainforest that holds a high concentration of reforested fruit and seed trees planted 16 years ago by the current owner in the pasture lands of the previous owner. This combination, along with our kilometer of Arenal River frontage, has created some of the best on-site birdwatching in the country where you will find migratory, aquatic, and resident species. Just walking alone around the resort, you will commonly encounter over 25 different species per day, but with one of our expert guides you will find many more. The Birdwatching tour begins at 6 am at the hotel lobby and continues for about 2 hours, passing through various environments. We estimate 40 different bird species can be sighted per day out of the more than 900 species of birds found in Costa Rica. You will definitely see some of Costa Rica ́s most spectacular and colorful birds such as the White Hawk, Black-mandible Toucan, Crested guan, Blue-grey Tanager, Montezuma Oropendola, Rufous Motmot, and various species of hummingbirds. Be sure to bring your binoculars and cameras! We also recommended that you wear long pants and closed-toed shoes, rain gear, and mosquito repellent.

NOTE: This tour is not part of any promotional package at The Springs Resort Hotel.