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Hot Springs Day Pass

We are offering a Special Price of $70 + 13% VAT for a two-day pass to the hot springs and pools, five restaurants and five bars. You may arrive any time after 8:00 a.m. in the morning and stay until we close at 10:00 p.m. Of course, with the two-day pass, you can go back and forth to the property as much as you like during the allotted period.

For an additional fee, we can offer a guided tour of our wildlife preserve we call the "Wildlife Sanctuary Tour." This tour departs from the fifth-floor reception. Please consult our reception for tour times.

In conjunction with the MINAE (Ministry of the Environment and Energy), we operate a preserve for Costa Rican wildlife that has either been confiscated from poachers or donated by other private preserves or individuals. We currently care for an assortment of wildlife, including jungle cats, monkeys, sloths and more!

The combination of hot springs and our wildlife preserve makes us the best hot springs value and the best family tour in Arenal, La Fortuna.

We are currently not requiring advanced reservations for the day pass to the hot springs. Feel free to arrive at the resort via your personal vehicle or ask about a taxi service.

Day Pass $70 + tax / Day Pass + Meal $99 + tax / Multiadventure Package $119 + tax

Please contact reservations with your choice of activities at [email protected].

CR Telephone (506) 24-01-33-00
Fax (506) 24-01-33-19
U.S Telephone (954)-727-8333
U.S. Fax 954-727-5745

When you make your reservation, you will receive a confirmation with the time that you must arrive at the reception of the Springs Resort and Spa and the order of your activities. You certainly may come earlier than your scheduled arrival time. And when you are finished with your activities at Club Rio Outdoor Center, you are also invited to enjoy the hot springs and restaurants above at The Springs Resort & Spa.

WE NOW OFFER FREE TRANSPORTATION TO AND FROM SELECT HOTELS IN THE LA FORTUNA AREA. If you would like to include transportation to your multi-adventure package, please contact us to coordinate the available tour combinations, pick up time and location.

Please bring your bathing suit, a change of dry clothes, long pants for horseback riding, rain gear, river shoes with a heel strap, hiking shoes and sunblock. River shoes are available for purchase and rent at Club Rio Outdoor Center as well.

*During the peak seasons of Christmas, President's Day Week starting February 14th, 2020, and the week before and after Easter, Day Pass is only valid for one day and has a cost of $95 + 13% VAT. Advanced reservations are required during this time due to limited availibility.