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Night Walk

Price: $40 per person

Departure point: The Springs Resort & Spa Lobby

The rainforest is beautiful but sleepy during the day, but as the sun sets this dynamic ecosystem literally explodes with life and energy.  You can palpably feel the vitality and exuberance of the creatures surrounding you, but it takes instruction and practice to identify and locate the various creatures creating this orchestral performance.  But they are there, and our amazing guides will show you just how close they are.  Our guides have spent years fine tuning their hearing, sense of smell and night vision to be able to locate dozens of species of insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals in just a short walk through our forest trails.  This tour departs from the lobby of the resort at 5:45 pm. You will then head down to Club Rio to descend into the wonders of the night forest.  You will be provided with flashlights and bug repellent, please bring hiking shoes and a raincoat! We also recommend long pants, a camera, and your sense of curiosity!