Vacation In Costa Rica

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banner-principal9You can choose to vacation in Costa Rica if you are looking for a romantic getaway, eco-tourism or want to have a fun filled time with family or friends, or just want to unwind and relax. Costa Rica has something to offer to all types of travelers.  You can choose to enjoy the clear blue ocean, dense rainforests, mountains, volcanoes and wildlife that is found in abundance in this beautiful country.

Costa Rica is a country that is waiting to be explored. The vast coastline offers some amazing a great vacationing opportunity for people who like to spend time on the beach and indulge in various activities. It is considered a perfect haven for surfing enthusiasts and for snorkeling and diving.

It is advisable to plan your vacation so that you are able to avoid any last minute hiccups. Most first time travelers who choose to vacation in Costa Rica are overwhelmed with the many choices that are available and are confused about where to start. It is best if you can get an expert to plan your vacation as it can help save time and money.

Why Choose Expert Advice When Planning A Vacation In Costa Rica?

  • hotmineral-img-03bMost people choose to go on a vacation to relax and unwind. Planning a vacation should not be a stressful but a happy experience. When you try to do everything on your own, you are most likely to get stressed and this can affect your holiday. You can choose to take the advice of experts to decide on the various aspects of vacationing and make it a pleasant and happy experience.
  • Experts are familiar with the location, destinations, hotels and resort packages and may be able to guide you properly about the various options that are available. There is usually a lot of information that is available and it can be time consuming to read and understand everything.
  • You can specify your budget and type of holiday that you want to enjoy and the experts can guide you to deals that fulfill all your specific requirements. You may also be able to avoid mistakes that can ruin your vacation in Costa Rica.

It is best to choose experts who have years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers. When all your travel and hotel responsibilities are taken care of by experts you may be able to truly relax and enjoy the amazing beauty of Costa Rica with your family and friends.

3 thoughts on “Vacation In Costa Rica

  1. Verlinda Richardson

    Looking for a 7 day vacation for myself and my Grandson, who is 11 yoa. Just the two of us. Like the ‘La Paz Waterfall Garden Hotel and It’s Sister Property “The Springs”, but seems a little pricy for just us two. Do you have other similar Properties where we could stay 3 Nights each (3 where we can Zip-Line, Hoseback Ride, Raft0, Then (3 nights near the Volcanoe for Hiking, etc., then (2-3 in a Beach “Antonio ….” where we can Snorkel, Kayak? Would like at least Breakfast included and transportation to and from airport to each property.

  2. Braunny Hidalgo

    Good Afternoon Mrs. Ricahrdson!

    I am Braunny for the reservations department at The Springs Resor & Spa and I will be more than glad to assist you with your inquiries.

    Unfortunately The Peace Lodge & La Paz Waterfall Gardens is our only sister property we have in Costa Rica.

    Whenever your stay is not during Peak Season we will be able to apply a 10% at both properties and depending on the availability for the dates you are interested in we could increase te offer.

    Unfortunately our resorts don’t include Breakfast nor Transportation.

    Please e-mail us over to and provide us with the dates you are interested in.

    Kind Regards!

    Braunny H


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