Hot Springs Costa Rica

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banner-hotsprings01Costa Rica has a large number of volcanoes that cover its rich landscape. The Costa Rica hot springs are a result of these volcanoes, and they are dotted all over the country in different size, shape and temperatures. While some of the hot springs are private and luxurious, others are accompanied with other activities like massages and mud baths.

You can choose to relax in the tranquility of these hot springs sipping your favorite drink. Most of the volcanoes have different pools with the temperatures increasing or decreasing in each one of them. The pools can hold a group of six to twenty people depending on their individual size.

banner-hotsprings02Some hotels and resorts may have these hot springs as part of their property while others may have them located at a separate property. Each pool may have handrails for safety and they are usually surrounded with lush gardens creating an atmosphere that is tranquil and serene.  The other facilities that are usually offered at these places include showers, indoors and outdoors seating, full service bar and meal options.

Tips To Choose & Enjoy Hot Springs Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica has more than two hundred volcanic formations and this has helped create hot springs all over the country.  As they are located all over the country you have the option of choosing the location where you want to soak and relax in the mineral rich waters.
  • banner-hotsprings08You can choose hot springs located near the rainforest and enjoy the scenic beauty of the forest as you relax with your family and friends or you can choose to relax in hot springs located near the mountains. Irrespective of the type of location that you choose, you can be assured that you may be able to enjoy the varying temperatures.
  • Check the other facilities and activities that are offered at the hot springs Costa Rica.  Most hotels and resorts provide a package deal where you can have a guided tour of the forest or nature walk through the day and a relaxing evening in the hot springs.
  • Ensure that the hot springs that you choose to relax are well maintained and clean so that you can have a great experience.

The waters of these hot springs have many minerals and these are known to have healing properties. It is not just good for your skin but you can also find your mind relaxing in the warm waters.

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