Top 10 Things to Do at The Springs!

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At The Springs Resort and Spa, we strive to create the most memorable experiences for our guests by providing the best quality and service in all that we do. Unfortunately, not all of our guests are able to see and do everything they’d like to during their short amount of time with us. So, we comprised a list of the top 10 things to do when visiting our resort in the hopes that our guests can take advantage of the many amenities, dining, excursions, and sights we have here at The Springs!

Let’s start with number 10……….

10. Have a ‘Costa Rican Casado’ (or any dish) at any one of our dining locations on-site – Our dishes are hand-crafted by our world-class chefs and they are absolutely delicious!

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 3.48.44 PM

9. Go bird watching at Club Rio – Our guides are incredibly knowledgeable about so many different kinds of birds in the area. Ask them about the Yigüirro, Costa Rica’s national bird!


8. Ask our wonderful concierge staff about local tours and excursions – La Fortuna is the hub of adventure tours in Costa Rica! Don’t miss the zip lines, canyoneering, rafting, and more.


7. Visit our 14,000 square foot spa and fitness center – Ask about our most recent amenity ‘Las Hojas Spa Bungalow’. A relaxing outdoor experience you are sure to enjoy.


6. Go on a tour of our Wildlife Sanctuary – In conjunction with MINAE, these rescued animals have been placed under our care in order to provide them with food, shelter, rehabilitation, and enrichment.


5. Take a picture of the Arenal volcano – This one might be tricky because of the unpredictable weather in Arenal. The best times of year to catch a glimpse are during September and October!


4. Sunset horseback riding – Enjoy an easy ride that takes you through the forest, across a river, and along a country road with spectacular views of the volcano and the San Carlos plains.


3. Have a romantic dinner at our fine-dining restaurant ‘Las Ventanas’ – You can see so many shining stars hovering above the silhouette of the Arenal volcano.


2. Go tubing at Club Rio – This is such a fun excursion and by far one of the most popular at our Club Rio Outdoor Center. Watch out for our adventurous guides!


and the number 1 thing to do when you visit The Springs Resort and Spa is……….

1. MONKEY SLIDE!!! Enjoy one (or all) of our 28 mineral hot springs, pools, and waterfalls on-site including the monkey slide at Perdido Springs!


Hope you enjoyed our list! Try them out on your next visit to The Springs Resort and Spa.

Until next time,

Pura Vida!

130 thoughts on “Top 10 Things to Do at The Springs!

  1. Catherine Kristiansen

    We are looking to stay Dec 24-27 2015, family of four, sons 18 and 17. Do you have availability for some or all of the time, please? Thanks.

  2. Beverlybull

    We are comming lateFeb,will the new aracale building be done by then.we have 3 people in our party.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Beverlybull! The new Aracari building is scheduled to be done by your travel dates, however, we can not guarantee it will be completed and approved for accommodations. We will continue to update our guests on any changes or delays as we move forward with construction. If you have any questions about room types in the Aracari building, please feel free to email and they will be more than happy to assist you. Thank you!

  3. Joseph

    Coming next week! This place is kid-friendly right? I mean the slides, zoo, and rafting seem perfect but it just seems so very nice and romantic too. :) We are excited.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Joseph!! No worries, The Springs Resort and Spa welcomes guests of all ages. There is something here that all of our visitors can enjoy from the adventurous activities at Club Rio to our 28 relaxing hot springs located throughout the resort. Looking forward to serving you and creating a memorable vacation! Pura Vida!

  4. Juanita Kreamer

    Hello! Very interested in your beautiful resort! When is the most affordable time to visit your resort? Do you have a value season? Also, what is the most comfortable time of the year to visit? I’m assuming your climate is hot and humid? Finally, are any of the activities and/or meals included in room fees: if not, then what are the prices for meals and activities. Sorry, one more question…..Is transportation included from the airport or is there a charge for this? Thank you so much for your time and attention. Pura vida!!!

  5. tammy kruzick

    We are coming in June.Is transportation included from the airport or is there a charge for this? Do you recommend renting a car. We are coming with adventurous 8 and 11 year old what excursions do you recommend. Thank you so much for your time and attention

    1. Dorothy

      You are going in June? Just went in February. The kids and you will LOVE LOVE LOVE It. Be sure and go on the ‘NIGHT TIME JUNGLE TRIP’ with Johannathon . Must be with Johannathon…knows his stuff….just stay close to him :’)) flashlights at night in the jungle. Toads, frogs, everything imaginable. They will so remember this when home.

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