Sweetbriar Nature Center

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Sweetbriar Nature Center

The Springs Resort and Spa is proud to have been the host for volunteers from the Sweetbriar Nature Center in Long Island, New York, USA for the third time!


Sweet Briar Nature Center is a private not-for-profit corporation, which exists to provide natural science education services for Long Island residents of all ages and to engage in native wildlife rehabilitation services. Through education and examples, Sweetbriar encourages responsible decision-making, appreciation, and respect for the unique wildlife and ecosystems found on Long Island. Sweetbriar Nature Center is situated on 54 acres of varied garden, woodland, field and wetland habitats on the Nissequogue River where hundreds of species of plants and animals make homes here.

For the past 3 years, Sweetbriar Wildlife Rehabilitation Director Jeanine Bendickson has brought volunteers and interns from Sweetbriar to work with our animals and caretakers in the Wildlife Sanctuary of our Club Rio Outdoor Center. In conjunction with the MINAE (Ministry of the Environment and Energy), The Springs Resort and Spa operates a preserve for Costa Rican wildlife that has either been confiscated from poachers or donated by other private preserves or individuals. The mutual goal with Sweetbriar is to create enrichment objects and structures for these rescued animals to have in their enclosures.


This year, the volunteers of Sweetbriar focused on sensory and environmental enrichment. Along with providing squeaky toys, bouncy balls, and vitamins for the animals, the group built seesaws and swings for the spider monkeys, and scratching posts for the mountain lions. Other projects included ladders made of rope, and holes drilled into large pillars of bamboo used to increase mental and physical activity of the animals when looking for food.






The Springs Resort and Spa would like to thank the Sweetbriar Nature Center and its staff and volunteers for their hard work and dedication to improving and enriching the lives of our rescued animals. We hope to see familiar faces again next year!!

Until next time…

Pura Vida!

19 thoughts on “Sweetbriar Nature Center

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Janine! Thank you for all of the work you and the volunteers did with us! We could not be more grateful. See you again next year!

  1. Nick V.

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