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Our resident crocodile down at Club Rio, Lisa, just recently got some company, in the form of 3 additional reptilians, crocodiles in this specific case, all yet to be named. Not only that, but she, along with her new friends had an entire area built specifically for them.


Lisa enjoying the sun in her new home

The crocodile pit we constructed had reached completion a while back but we had yet to find inhabitants to fill it, or at least accompany Lisa in her new home.

Our three new crocs originated from the AquaCorporation in Cañas, and the reason behind their new journey to The Springs was due to a loss of habitat and diminishing food sources. With this loss in habitat and food the crocodiles then begun to venture into various territories taking a liking to the tilapia pools in the area, thus becoming a hazard to the employees who cared for and maintained these pools. The crocs were then captured due to the hazard and placed in a temporary enclosure. The initial plan was to transport and then release the crocodiles in an area known as Palo Verde, however our friends over at Minaet who have been such a big part in contribution towards Club Rio were kind enough to donate these crocodiles to us, in full confidence that we could provide a safe and natural environment for them.

Once our new friends arrived at their new home, our biologist, Victor Solis, led the way in transporting the crocodiles, and ensuring that they acclimatize to their new home efficiently. With crocodiles being very territorial by nature it was important for us to ensure that Lisa was moved into the pit first. Once this was successfully completed Victor (our new Steve Irwin) was able, along with a team of both strong and courageous men, to one by one introduce the three new crocs to their new home, and their new “friend.”


Victor Solis, our biologist, leads the way bringing in our new crocs

Tensions ran high as Victor released each crocodile, not knowing how they would interact or get along with their new roommate. Low and behold it was as though they had known one another forever, hatched by the same mother and lurked in the same swamps together for days on end. The crocodiles have acclimatized really well in there new environment and have been quite the popular attraction among our Club Rio visitors.


Our new addition couldn’t wait to dive right in

Next Time you’re down at Club Rio be sure to ask any of our guides or employees about our new crocodiles, and they will be sure to show you around!


Till next time, Pura Vida!

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