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Pack for a Purpose

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Pack for a Purpose is a non-profit organization that strives to fulfill its mission to positively impact communities around the world by assisting travelers who want to take meaningful contributions to the destinations they visit.


“Our goal is to assist travelers who want to say thank you in this manner or who simply want to expand their generosity beyond their own communities. The supply lists for destinations on our website are provided directly by the local community-based projects which receive and use the supplies, enabling travelers to make informed decisions and to take items which meet the needs of those who will be using them.”

The Springs Resort and Spa is a proud supporter of Pack for a Purpose. We work with La Fortuna Orphanage, known to the locals as Hogarcito San Juan Bosco de la Fortuna, which serves children from ages 6 months through 11 years old.

Hogarcito, started in 1999, is the only one of its kind in La Fortuna and is a pioneer of this type of transitional home. This orphanage is where children are given a safe place after being removed from bad home situations. The devoted employees, directors, psychologists and volunteers help fill this home with love, nurturing, and a feeling of well-being. The orphanage is also sustainable where the children learn how to grow food, raise chickens, recycle, and much more. Over time, the children are found more permanent homes throughout Costa Rica.

hogarcito 2


The Springs Resort and Spa always appreciates and welcomes any donations from their guests and visitors in order to help and provide for these underprivileged youth.

Essential items include:
• Band-Aids
• Bars of Soap
• Deodorant
• Hair Brushes
• Multivitamin Tablets
• Shampoos
• Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
• New or Gently Used Children’s Clothing
• Shoes
• New Underwear
• Bath Towels
• Bed Linens
• Light Blankets
• Pillows
• Mosquito Nets/Insect Repellant
• (Spanish) Age Appropriate Story Books
• Other subject books: Biology, General Science, Health, Language/Grammar, and Math

For more information on how to become involved with Hogarcito or Pack for a Purpose, please visit the websites below.

El Yigüirro

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Yigüirro (Turdus grayi) – Also, commonly referred to as the Clay-colored Thrush, and formerly known as the Clay-colored Robin.

Fast Facts:
Where They Live: This bird prefers open places and can be found in gardens and cultivated areas with scattered trees. Yigüirro’s typically do not enter dense jungles.

Food They Eat: The Yigüirro feeds off various kinds of fruit trees. It also goes far in the ground digging with its beak and collecting worms, snails, insects, and perhaps small lizards.

Geographical distribution: This species is found only in the American continent, inhabited from northeastern Mexico to northern Colombia and has many different names such as “cas-cas” in Panama.

• National bird of Cost Rica, designated as such in January 1977.

Height and Weight: The Yigüirro stands about 23 centimeters tall and weighs around 74 grams

Physical Appearance: Unlike many other species of birds, both sexes of the clay-colored thrush exhibit the same colors. They have a cream-colored stomach, yellow-brown wings and a yellowish bill.


The Yigüirro was chosen as the national bird of Costa Rica for several reasons. One of them being that the Yigüirro has a wide range and tendency to live close to humans, and therefore is well known and mentioned in many of Costa Rica’s folk songs, short stories and novels. Another reason is due to its strong and melodious song that always comes during the start of the rainy season. The males in particular are cherished for their exquisite song used to serenade potential mates during mating season. In Costa Rica, their mating season (usually April-June) coincides with the beginning of the green season, and therefore—legend has it—farmers have always taken the yigüirro’s song as the first sign of coming rains.

Hear The Yigüirro’s Song here:

Yigüirro’s also have many other beautiful songs used for different purposes, such as when threatened, before they go to sleep, and at sunrise. Definitely a sound you don’t want to miss when visiting Costa Rica!

Until next time,

Pura Vida!

Sweetbriar Nature Center

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Sweetbriar Nature Center

The Springs Resort and Spa is proud to have been the host for volunteers from the Sweetbriar Nature Center in Long Island, New York, USA for the third time!


Sweet Briar Nature Center is a private not-for-profit corporation, which exists to provide natural science education services for Long Island residents of all ages and to engage in native wildlife rehabilitation services. Through education and examples, Sweetbriar encourages responsible decision-making, appreciation, and respect for the unique wildlife and ecosystems found on Long Island. Sweetbriar Nature Center is situated on 54 acres of varied garden, woodland, field and wetland habitats on the Nissequogue River where hundreds of species of plants and animals make homes here.

For the past 3 years, Sweetbriar Wildlife Rehabilitation Director Jeanine Bendickson has brought volunteers and interns from Sweetbriar to work with our animals and caretakers in the Wildlife Sanctuary of our Club Rio Outdoor Center. In conjunction with the MINAE (Ministry of the Environment and Energy), The Springs Resort and Spa operates a preserve for Costa Rican wildlife that has either been confiscated from poachers or donated by other private preserves or individuals. The mutual goal with Sweetbriar is to create enrichment objects and structures for these rescued animals to have in their enclosures.


This year, the volunteers of Sweetbriar focused on sensory and environmental enrichment. Along with providing squeaky toys, bouncy balls, and vitamins for the animals, the group built seesaws and swings for the spider monkeys, and scratching posts for the mountain lions. Other projects included ladders made of rope, and holes drilled into large pillars of bamboo used to increase mental and physical activity of the animals when looking for food.






The Springs Resort and Spa would like to thank the Sweetbriar Nature Center and its staff and volunteers for their hard work and dedication to improving and enriching the lives of our rescued animals. We hope to see familiar faces again next year!!

Until next time…

Pura Vida!