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Where were you for SuperBowl 49?

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What would you have done, with only a few seconds to spare and 1 yard away from a Super Bowl winning touch down, would you have passed? Or would you have run?

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Who would have thought we would be in for such a dramatic final!

Dramatic was definitely the feeling that filled the atmosphere of The Game Lounge, at The Springs Resort and Spa on game day. It was a packed house filled with both Seahawks and Patriots supporters. To add to the excitement we ran a betting pool as well as included refreshments in the form of chilli, hot dogs, jalapeño poppers and chips, all at no extra cost. We also ran specials on our Budweiser and Miller options to boot!

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Open to all those in surrounding areas, and not only hotels guests we were able to create an atmosphere that was to ensure the best superbowl event in town and surrounding areas. It was an extremely successful event with everyone leaving satisfied, well maybe not the Seahawks fans.

With the opportunity to cool off or heat up in our surrounding hot springs who would not have wanted to be a part of Superbowl 49 at The Springs Resort and Spa?

How did you enjoy your superbowl 49? Share your story in the comments section below.

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Till next time!

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