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The Springs Goes Green and Wins!

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IMG_6825Not only does The Springs Resort and Spa provide you with world class hospitality but we also keep a very keen eye on our environment, community and local projects in which we help those around us in our immediate and not so immediate communities.

Just recently The Springs Resort and Spa collected  985 Kilograms in recyclable materials and with this being converted to a monetary value, they were able to feed 150 students from local schools in the community such as Linda Vista, Agua Azul, La Guaria and Jauuri and the La Fotuna de San Carlos.

That not being all. Not only did The Springs raise 985 Kilograms, a whopping number already, but they were able to raise the most of anyone else in the competition, therefore receiving an award for having collected the largest quantity of recyclable materials in the area. We are all extremely proud of those who were involved in the project and who helped in collecting every kilogram of the 985 that were handed over.

Congratulations to all at The Springs, and keep at it! We’re sewing seeds for a brighter greener future!

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